Adopt an Acre All Around the World

Since the Adopt an Acre® program began in 1991, more than 30,000 people, schools and organizations have raised $22 million to protect 600,000 acres from vital landscapes across North America and The Bahamas to the woodlands of Australia and some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs. But there is much more work to be done.

Whether you want to protect the wild areas where lions, cheetahs, elephants and wildebeests roamor help protect the largest breeding ground for the North Atlantic humpback whale, you can make a lasting difference when you select the area you care about most and adopt today.

Best of all, you’ll know you’re making a world of difference and can even share your passion for conservation when you give a loved one Adopt an Acre as a gift.

Featured Projects — Pick Your Exact Acre

You can now choose the exact acre to protect in the following locations in need of your critical support:

Adopt an Acre — More Locations

You can also make a symbolic adoption to any state or county where the Conservancy works. Your gift will then be directed to the location you designate to further the Conservancy’s conservation work in that area.

Adopt a Coral Reef

You can also protect coral reefs through our Adopt a Coral Reef Program and help four of the world’s most diverse underwater havens.

  • The Bahamas — and its sun-struck waters, gleaming beaches and breathtakingly beautiful coral reefs.
  • Dominican Republic — home to the largest breeding ground for the North Atlantic humpback whale population.
  • Palau — an amazing beautiful seascape which is also one of the world’s most threatened marine systems.
  • Papua New Guinea’s Kimbe Bay — where 12 different species of marine mammals and 860 species of coral reef fish survive.

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